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Next Thursday 12:00 - 13:00


  • お申込み料金 1100円(税込み)
  • お申込み定員 4名
  • 担当チャットホスト Iver(イギリス)
  • お申込み締め切り 前日23時
  • キャンセル規定 前日までは100円、当日は1100円のキャンセル費用がかかります


Hi there, this is Iver. I'm from the UK, but my family is German. I recently finished my degree and moved to Japan for a year to experience the culture and visit the beautiful scenery. I've travelled all over Europe, and would love to know about your travels, I'm always eager to hear about places to visit while I'm here. I'm interested in climbing, basketball, music, cooking and One Piece. I'm excited to talk with you all about anything or nothing at all. See you soon!