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Next Sunday 11:00 - 12:00


  • お申込み料金 1100円(税込み)
  • お申込み定員 4名
  • 担当チャットホスト ミミ(アメリカ)
  • お申込み締め切り 前日23時
  • キャンセル規定 前日までは100円、当日は1100円のキャンセル費用がかかります


Hi everyone! This is Mimmi from California. I have always been very passionate about language and culture exchange and love meeting and talking to new people. I have also previously lived in Europe and in Japan about 2 years ago, so this is my second time in Japan! My first time in Japan was in Kyoto where I studied at an university for a year. This time I came back to Tokyo to study more Japanese, learn more about the culture and gain some experience living and working abroad. Looking forward to meeting you all!