Private Chat

Next Monday 12:00 - 13:00


  • お申込み料金 1540円(税込み)
  • お申込み定員 1名(プライベートチャット)
  • チャットでご利用できる言語 英語
  • 担当チャットホスト Phot(イギリス)
  • お申込み締め切り 前日23時
  • キャンセル規定 前日までは100円、当日は1540円のキャンセル費用がかかります


Hello! My name’s Phot and I’m from London. I’ve recently moved to Japan and I hope we can exchange ideas, experiences, and culture through speaking and conversing together. I hope to help you build up confidence in listening and speaking to and give tips on any self study and learning techniques as well Having studied architecture in Oxford and UCL (London), my interests lie in the creative arts, photography, architecture, design, and coffee, so if you have similar interests, do let me know! I look forward to practicing, learning, and talking about many different things together!