Private Chat

Next Friday 21:10 - 22:10


  • お申込み料金 1540円(税込み)
  • お申込み定員 1名(プライベートチャット)
  • チャットでご利用できる言語 英語 ポーランド語
  • 担当チャットホスト Kasia(ポーランド)
  • お申込み締め切り 前日午前中
  • キャンセル規定 前日までは100円、当日は1540円のキャンセル費用がかかります


Hi there, my name is Kasia! I moved to Tokyo from London in April this year. I am originally from Poland, but I used to live in London for 11 years. Now I have dual citizenship - Polish and British. In London, I worked as a digital designer and photographer in the fashion and music industries, so I was so happy to chat about everything art, fashion, design and music. I love travelling and spending time in nature - I have done many hikes here in Japan and worldwide. Of all the places I visited, I love the most Iceland, Italy, North California, Sri Lanka and of course - Japan. If you are curious about Poland or UK - I’m happy to answer all your questions. I also enjoy history, politics talks and simple pleasures like cooking and reading books (mainly fantasy and science fiction).