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Next Wedensday 22:10 - 23:10


  • お申込み料金 1540円(税込み)
  • お申込み定員 1名(プライベートチャット)
  • チャットでご利用できる言語 英語
  • 担当チャットホスト Michelle(アメリカ)
  • お申込み締め切り 前日午前中
  • キャンセル規定 前日までは100円、当日は1540円のキャンセル費用がかかります


Hello everyone, I'm Michelle! I'm from California in the United States. Have you ever been to California, or would you like to go there in the future? If so, let’s talk about it! I came to Japan in 2016 as an English teacher, and I currently teach English at a high school now. My hobbies include handicrafts/sewing, cosplay, playing video games, hiking/going on long walks, and spending time with my friends going to various restaurants, cafes, and live music events in Tokyo. I also like to learn new things, and in my spare time I am learning to build websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are also interested in technology such as computer programming or even AI, I'd look forward to talking about it with you. Nice to meet you!